Application for Magic of Receiving:
30-Day Program

I'm THRILLED you are reaching out to learn more about the Magic of Receiving, receive more from what you've already created!

In this 30-day energy vortex, following your 1:1 activation, my guides and I will help you gain massive momentum & crystal clarity on the internal and external actions required to Alchemize the Magic of how and what you receive to fully realize your deeply fulfilling work & life...

....without over giving and under receiving, giving away your time and energy with little to show in return

  • Knowing that you are fully resourced and have the bandwidth to receive more….
  • Knowing you have the financial stability to take care of your personal and family obligations (Paying the mortgage, paying school fees etc)….
  • Having a deep confidence in how you are Divinely supported which attracts more abundance into your life….
  • Getting off the hamster wheel of stress with money flow, eliminating the need to borrow from Peter to pay Paul….
  • Taking a quantum leap in your manifestation abilities bypassing years of inner work and instantly clearing out old outdated patterns and illusions in a space of Higher Truth…..

You do need to have a few things in place for this to be a vibrational match.

Before I send over the full details, I’ve got a few questions for you…

None of these are automatic deal-breakers, they just let me know where you are so you/we can be sure you can rock it out and be successful in the Magic of Receiving, receiving more from what you've already created program.

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