Body & Soul Integration
These sessions are carried out remotely
Body & Soul Integrations balance a person on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Sessions are carried out remotely, allowing anyone in the world to receive this extraordinary healing.

Body & Soul Integrations are also a wonderful gift for loved ones. 

Investment: $225

Here is a brief description of all that is included in a session.

* Removal of all discordant energy in your auric field/home/pets.
* Clear any unwanted energy coming to you from other sources.
* Balance Chakras/Increase overall energy of Chakras
* Unblock and balance all meridians...
* Repair and remove damaging debris from etheric field including the energetic imprint of parasites/Candida infection/heavy metal toxicity/negative thoughtforms/negative ego programming
*Repair auric field/cleanse & seal aura
* Balance energy of organs/senses & systems in the body
* Versicolor Flame Healing from the Ascended Masters/Violet Flame Healing from St. Germaine/Angel Light Healing and others
* Activate DNA strands and genes in genome/Repair/Replace damaged DNA/ Heal any genetic conditions in the body/Encode physical DNA/Add new DNA/Switch on extra codons.
* Repair & clear personal energy grid along with connection to universal grid
* Ensure one is fully present in body and fully grounded and connected to the Earth & the Heavens
* Return all Aspects & Markers, ensuring discordant energy is left behind
* Download & Activate Soul Design/Receive your Sacred Geometry symbols & your MerKaBa
* Brain enhancement and healing/Remove harmful implants and microchips
* Clear negative energy imprints and enhance positive energy imprints at a soul level.

 *Gifts .....
Gift of the Blue Diamond/Nurturing from the Mother/Gift of Compassion from Quan Yin/Gift of the Violet Flame from St. Germaine/Gift of the Tri-Flame/Gift of the Versicolor Flames/Gift of the Holy Spirit/Gifts from the Archangels and more

Please include your date of birth with your order and the names of other people and pets who live at your address.

Allow 2-3 days for the entire process.