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Over the last two decades, I have noticed that people have a hard time receiving especially when it comes to love and nurturing.

This activation creates a jumpstart to putting yourself first on your list and filling yourself with love and nurturing so you can receive more from the Universe.

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A note from founder, Eilis Philpott

My story is one of a riveting journey through the twists and turns of a life that defied the shadows, a tale that rises from the abyss of despair to the triumphant heights of self-discovery. Picture a soul, once shackled by the weight of severe depression and anxiety, told that the mere notion of handling a demanding job like teaching was a distant dream. Yet, in the face of adversity, I emerged as a testament to the incredible power of resilience.

 My saga began with the haunting echoes of periodic bouts of depression in youth, dismissed as a norm. The turning point hit hard in my early 20s, as the loss of six dear friends in a tragic accident fueled a rapid descent into the darkest corners of despair. The journey reached a crescendo in a Dublin psychiatric hospital, where three months as an inpatient marked the beginning of a battle for survival. Released with a cocktail of medications, life's hurdles persisted, leading to a major relapse upon moving to London.

In the heart of the struggle, a guardian angel appeared in the form of a therapist, steering the ship through the stormy seas of my mental health. After a few years of intensive therapy, I not only shed the dependency on medication but emerged stronger, ready to face the challenges that lay ahead.

The odyssey continued across the Atlantic, where the meeting with a Rebirthing Breathwork practitioner ignited a transformative spark. When I felt the power of conscious connected breathing, survival evolved into a journey of self-recreation. I spent two years of Rebirthing training followed, alongside intensive healing, paving the way for a renewed purpose.

In the crucible of personal healing, a profound realization dawned—every perceived flaw and darkness held a purpose, shaping a person capable of unconditional self-love. Armed with this understanding, the individual became a beacon of support, creating a safe space for others to share their traumas. Intuition and higher guidance became trusted allies, guiding not only personal growth but also extending a helping hand to those in need.
Reflecting on the past, even in the face of recent traumas, the narrative takes a triumphant turn. No longer ruled by experiences, the protagonist faces challenges head-on, equipped with the strength, tools, and gifts acquired through the journey. A strong, resilient woman emerges, embracing the ongoing quest for happiness with newfound vigor.

The story doesn't end here; it evolves into a commitment to a soul mission. My conviction deepens every day that my mission is to support and teach others to shift from surviving to thriving.

My wish is for every soul to feel the transformative power of unconditional love, starting with the profound embrace of self-love.

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Eilis Philpott Bio

Dr. Eilis Philpott, the visionary force behind Soul Healing Journey, LLC. With over two decades of expertise in the healing arts, Eilis is not just a practitioner but a guide on your profound journey of self-discovery.

Eilis specializes in high-vibration quantum healing modalities that delve into the essence of the soul. 

Having traversed from Ireland and England to the United States, Eilis blends her scientific background with a wealth of healing mastery. Her academic journey includes a Bachelor's degree in science, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, and an honorary doctorate in Divinity. This fusion of science and spirituality fuels her commitment to transformative healing.

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Eilis is a master healer certified in an array of modalities, from Rebirthing breathwork to Reiki Mastery and pioneering 13th Octave LaHoChi instruction in the U.S. She weaves a tapestry of healing offerings, including 13th Octave LaHoChi, Akashic Field Healing, Soul Language, Way of the Warrior sessions, Quantum Light Healing and more. 

A​ trailblazer in 13th Octave LaHoChi, Eilis hosts trainings across the globe, recently offering the first international workshop in Ireland. Her focus extends beyond individual healing to empowering fellow healers through customized training programs.

At Soul Healing Journey, each session is a divine orchestration, guided by Eilis to ensure clients receive the highest healing vibrations tailored to their needs. Her commitment to ongoing education allows her to offer bespoke sessions seamlessly integrating various modalities.

Eilis shares, "The work we do together at Soul Healing Journey supports the internal energetic shifts needed for a life of peace, harmony, and joy, aligning with each individual's soul mission on the planet."


B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science in Botany, Chemistry and Industrial Microbiology)

P.G.C.E. (Post Graduate Certificate in Education for Biology (Masters equivalent)

D.D (hon) (Honorary doctorate in Divinity for her services to the healing arts).

First & Second Degree Usui Reiki 

Reiki Master in Usui/Raku-kei Reiki and Angelic Reiki

Rebirther & Advanced Rebirther Training with International Seminar Leaders and Rebirther Trainers Bob and Mallie Mandel.

She was initiated into St. Germain’s School of “The New Healing Way” and the 13th Octave LaHoChi.  She is now an endorsed teacher of the 13th Octave LaHoChi.  She is certified in Rebirthing, 13th Octave LaHoChi, Akashic Field Therapy, Soul Language, and many other modalities, all incorporated into her healing services.  ​

Each session with Eilis is a unique healing opportunity, as she is guided, by her own and her client's guides as to how to proceed so that her clients always receive the highest healing available to them at that time. The result is a powerful synergistic healing for anyone who wants to live their true authentic life.

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Dr Eilis' interview with Mindy Kaleta.

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