Passion, Peace & Purpose 

Passion, Peace & Purpose

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Passion, Peace & Purpose

Do you have Passion, Peace and Purpose in your life?

Do you have a vision of how your life could be if only you could get it all together?

Does this vision include living your purpose with passion and from a place of peace? 

I know I did. I always knew that I had a bigger purpose than what I was living but was never sure what that purpose was. Was I going to invent the next big thing that would save the planet or heal humanity. I didn’t know but what I did know was that I was not here to live a humdrum existence. 

My journey has been “eventful”, it has been full of trauma and pain and because of that I started my healing quest earlier than some. I had healed many layers of hurt, and fear and anger and yet still didn’t feel I was “there”, until I made some major connections about who I am.

I put a lot of pieces of the puzzle together around the same time, I realized I was very empathic and super sensitive but because of all the stuff I had had to deal with earlier in my life I had shut down a lot of my awareness and abilities. I realized that I needed to protect myself energetically and clear energies I had taken on from those earlier experiences. I also discovered who I was on a soul level and that helped me see how I had been consciously and unconsciously living who I am. 

The result has been that with the culmination of all the earlier healing, setting up protection techniques and consciously working to be more in alignment with my soul, I have been able to connect with my purpose and who I am. I am consistently learning how to live my life with passion and from a place of inner peace. 

So, you might ask, how did I do that? 

I discovered Soul Language around the same time as I realized that I needed to protect myself and my energy field. Soul Language is a means of being able to put words and actions into how you operate in the world on a soul level. It is a tangible expression of who we are as souls and how we think, feel, relate and express ourselves while we are in this human existence. 

Part of my soul purpose, I discovered, was to support those I work with in having inner peace, supporting them in clearing away the gunk that was getting in the way of living their passion and purpose from a place of inner peace. What I realized was that before I could support anyone else living in peace I needed to create that for myself. Coincidentally being at peace meant I must be vigilant about my personal protection.

I’ve always believed that to be an authentic healer and teacher it is essential to continue with my own process and grow. As souls, as are always looking to evolve and move to the next level. I have always been an avid observer of my own journey and intrigued at all I have learned along the way. Now, however, I get to be at peace while living my passion and my purpose. How many people can say that?

Let me know if I can help you find your Passion, Peace and Purpose. Call 203-767-5954 to chat or reply to this email if you have any questions. 

Love, Light and Peace

I'm excited to share  - Passion, Peace & Purpose Package

This package includes 4 weekly sessions as follows:

Week 1: Discover your purpose with a Soul Language Identification session.

Week 2: We delve into your conscious and subconscious mind, using the rebirthing breath (conscious connected breathing) to uncover and to start clearing out what is preventing you from living your purpose in a state of peace and passion.

Week 3: This session looks into your Akashic Records to find traumas that have been stored there. We will clear/heal these trumas to allow full access to all your future potential.

Week 4: We continue to delve into your conscisous and subconscious mind, using the rebirthing breath (conscious connected breathing) and continue to clear what is prevening you from living your purpose in a state of peace and passion.