Wisdom of the Womb

Find out how your time growing and developing in the womb impacts your life now!

Wisdom of the Womb

Tuesday, June 12th in Norwalk, 7 - 8:30pm

Find out how your time growing and developing in the womb and how your birth impacts your life now!

Not many people realize that the time spent growing and developing in the womb has a significant impact on their lives now. This 9 month period in the womb and how your mom nurtured and cared for herself dramatically impacts your growth and development.
In utero, you grow and develop from a single egg to a multi-system being. Ideally, during this time potential toxins were avoided, and you felt loved, nurtured, wanted, adored and your parents’ relationship was healthy.  Unfotunately for some however,  this was not the case.
Although you do not have conscious memory of the nine months inside your mom, you do have “implicit memories” or unconscious memories that are stored in your cells and energy body. These implicit or unconscious memories then cause patterns of behavior which get triggered whenever you are under stress, of any type, positive or negative.

Learn how your time in the womb is impacting your life today and how to heal.

 During this event, we will look at potential patterns that may show up and discuss various ways to heal and clear them.

Eilis will also lead a healing guided meditation.

  • Why some cultures invite in the soul of their future child.
  • What is “conscious conception.”
  • How your time in utero impacts your life now

Date: Tuesday, June 12th, 7-8:30pm
Cost: $30
Location: The Healing Collective, 71 Water Sreet, Norwalk, CT

Pre-registration is required as space is limited.