Your breath tells your story !
by Dr. Eilis Philpott

Did you know that every time you take a breath you are reflecting what your story is and how you operate in the world?
I have been a rebirthing practitioner for 22 years and have watched many, many people breathe.

As a Rebirthing Breathwork practitioner I observe every part of your breath, from the inhale to the exhale, the gap between the inhale and exhale, the length and depth of the breath and that is just one aspect of your story.

So what is my process? Let me start by telling you that every time a new client comes to receive love and healing I complete an in-depth questionnaire. This tells me so much. I am listening and watching and feeling during this exchange. I get so many clues as to how to support their process. We then transition into the breath work part of the session.

Then the magic begins!

I teach a simple breathing technique, sit back and observe. I watch the physical dynamics of how that person breaths. Watching a person breathe allows you to see who they really are and how to be present with them as they heal. By observing the breath I can see how a person gives and receives, do they hold onto their issues or are they trying to force their life into a particular direction. Do they feel safe in their body or have they set up a defense system that prevents them from living their desired life. There is so much to observe and that is only the first layer. 

Next I am noticing how the energy of the breath is in the body. How far down the body does it travel - this tells me how present they are or are not. It is not unusual to witness how active the head area is with the energy stopping as high up as the neck or further down the body. Even those who do spiritual and/or healing work may not be fully present in their physical body. This time now on the planet is about being connected to the Divine while living a human existence in a human body grounded and connected to Mother Earth.

I am also listening to my guidance. Do I need to interact or stay quiet, Do I play some form of sound or maybe a guided meditation. Sometimes I hear words, sometimes I see pictures, sometimes I feel emotions, sometimes all of the above. These are my clues to how to proceed with the session. 

Then there are the levels of healing that are taking place that does not even enter conscious awareness. I KNOW these are the times when I sit back and let it happen, let the angels and masters do their work.

All of this from observing the breath.

So what is your breath telling you?